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Elgin Certified Organic Corn Kernels (Frozen) - 600g **SPECIAL**

100% Certified Organic Corn Kernels
$7.46 $4.90

Elgin Certified Organic Mango Chunks (Frozen) 350g **SPECIAL**

ACO certified Elgin Organic Mango Chunks.
$6.81 $5.45

Elgin Certified Organic Mixed Berries (Frozen) - 1kg

Certified Organic Raspberries 25%, Certified Organic Strawberries 25%, Certified Organic Blackberries 25%, Certified Organic Blueberries 25% Some thawing in transport may occur.

Elgin Certified Organic Raspberries (Frozen) 350g **SPECIAL**

Ingredients100% Organic Raspberries. Some thawing in transport may occur.
$10.18 $7.49

Elgin Certified Organic Spring Harvest (Frozen) - 600g

Organic Carrot, Organic Peas, Organic Corn.

Elgin Organic Blackberries (Frozen) 350g **SPECIAL**

ACO certified Elgin OrganicOrganically grown Blackberries.
$7.46 $5.45

Elgin Organic Blueberries (Frozen) 350g **SPECIAL**

This product is certified organic by ACO.Ingredients100% Organic Blueberries.OriginChile.
$7.46 $5.79

Elgin Organic Strawberries (Frozen) 1kg

100% Certified Organic Strawberries

Elgin organic sweet Cherries (Frozen) 350g **SPECIAL**

ACO Certified Elgin Organic Sweet CherriesFresh Frozen from Organic Farm to top of your dessert!
$8.14 $6.06

Elgin Organic Wild Blueberries (Frozen) - 1kg

Wild blueberries are smaller in size and boast a more sharp, intense “blueberry” taste than cultivated blueberries. They contain twice as many antioxidants with a higher skin to fruit ratio...