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Honest to Goodness - Organic Dried Cranberries 200g

Organic dried cranberries are a sweet delicious snack! They are also great in baking. They have been infused with organic apple juice for a little sweetness. Use:They are a delicious...

Honest to Goodness - Organic Dried Incaberries 175g **CLEARANCE BB 01/24**

Organic Dried Incaberries, also known as Cape Gooseberries and Goldenberries, are nature's sour lollies! Incaberries have a unique, sweet and tart taste with a chewy texture. Packed with nutrients, these...
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Honest to Goodness - Organic Sultanas 200g

These Organic Sultanas are Australian grown, naturally dried and packed full of natural goodness and flavour. An ideal healthy snack or addition to mueslis, cakes, biscuits or a variety of...

Honest to Goodness Organic Dried Apricots

Honest to Goodness organic dried apricots are sun-dried without the use of sugar, artificial preservatives or sulphur dioxide (E220 or 220), which is why they are dark in colour and...

Honest to Goodness Organic Goji Berries

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Honest to Goodness Australian Dried Fruit Salad 100g

Honest to Goodness Australian Dried Fruit Salad is a delicious seasonal blend of 100% Aussie dried fruits. Pure, natural and free from sulphites, preservatives, added sugar and additives; the fruit...